Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Post Its Video (Redux)

Yesterday I posted my entry into the 3m Post-Its competition,
the film entitled "Thanks to Post-Its I Don't Even Need My Brain."
Once I submitted the file to Post Its for consideration,
I saw a video by another gentleman with very similar elements to what
I had produced.

As I'm an honest man and not a plagarist, I went in and removed those elements from my entry so as not to introduce
questions of intellectual property rights, etc. In reality, I only removed
six seconds or so from my film, and the spirit is still there, and it's perhaps
a little bit better, which is what revision is all about, right?
Here is what I hope to be the final video here, and if it is accepted by
Post Its and then goes on to become a finalist, the YouTube
community will be able to vote on it proper mid-September 2009.

Here is what is the [final] version as of 19 August 2009.
I hope you enjoy.

P.S. The Offer is still up for new subscribers. If you subscribe
to ILAB prior to
31 August, you can get a free exclusive remix download of
"Thanks To Postits."

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