Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dave Smith, why dost thou tempt me?

Probably my favourite indie synth manufacturer of all time is Dave Smith Instruments.
And, yes, I pay full price for their instruments, but they absolutely fulfill everything I
look for in low priced instruments...they're small, they look good, they're affordable, and
they're analogue.

Even my kids get into it, when I got my Mopho a few months back, my children were smitten
with the big red "Push It!" button on the right hand side.
Now, as I've reported in the past, there is a new synth, called Tetr4 which is essentially
"4 Mophos in one" or a 1/2 version of the flagship Prophet 08.

What's really cool is not only is the Tetr4 polyphonic, which the Mopho is not, it is
also multi-timbral, as well.

As a rule, I absolutely do not buy synths or drum machines with identical synth engines, or at least
very similar. In the early 90s, it seemed that my band had 3 or 4 drum modules of the same era and make,
and all of our tracks sounded very "Samey."
But the 1-2 punch of a Tetr4 and a Mopho seems almost 2 hard to resist. The idea of doing
a synth line or a burbly bass sound and being able to do a full 4 note analogue pad at the same time would be
great, and also, according to Andrew at DSI, the
Tetr4 would also be a slick little 4 part percussion module, which is exactly what I was looking for
whenever the ill-fated Boom Chik was announced 3 years or so ago. In essence, you can, for a little over
a grand, have a full midi version of the classic 303/606 combo that has been so coveted for so long, and it works
much better and is more flexible.

Here's Dave introducing the Tetr4 right next to a Mopho.
Almost irrestistible, dammit!

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