Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Dave Smith Instruments, maker of my
beloved monosynth, The Mopho, have now released its 4-voice big brother,
The Tetr4.

Not a whole lot about it, but it's got USB on it (The First for a DSI Instrument)
and it's got a Poly Chain Out, so it can attach to its 4 Voice Brethren or 8 Voice Big Papa (The Prophet '08.)

I sent congratulatory praises to Dave Smith and the team.
(I had heckled them about this release after an image of Dave appeared on the internet a couple of months ago, with Oliver Chessler wielding the device.)

The polite response from Dave was...a month or so. And here we have it.
Hope everyone has their credit cards raised at the ready...I will spend some more time learning my Mopho before I step up to this plate.

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