Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New JoMoX Drum Box-And it's just for me!

What I love about makers of electronic music instruments, especially the boutique
vendors, is that there is often a way to get a hold of the company, and in many
cases it’s a mom-and-pop operation. I have had great experiences with the teams
from Arturia, Dave Smith Instruments, Frostwave, and even Roland.
One individual I’ve had great experience with over the years is Juergen Michaelis, founder of JoMoX. Michaelis started off repairing aging drum machines and synthesizers from his homebase in Berlin before starting off
His own business, building the classic XBase09, a full fledged clone of the Roland TR-909.

I own an Mbase01, a full fledged analogue bass drum module that I have used for years on almost every project I’ve done.
Since I’m happy with the sequencing software I use, I really wanted to get a small module that only did snares, so…flash forward 3 years…the Mbrane a small, (love it) desktop unit that not only does snares, but also bongos, hi-hats, kit drums, fx, and other percussive synth sounds.

This will be a nice complement to my current triumvirate of Mbase 01(analogue kick),Korg Er-1(VA and PCM drums), and Roland R8M(PCM sounds.)
Our friends at Sonic State did a very nice piece from NAMM, and I look forward to picking up this little beast later this year.

JoMoX Official.