Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Arturia Products from NAMM

French synth maker Arturia are making a storm in the states
as we speak with some great new announcements at NAMM. In addition to the Hip Hop
Producers Kit, which we've previously mentioned:
There are also 2 new keyboards in the wonderful Analog Factory series, the 25 key "Player" instrument, as well as the
49 Key "Laboratory" instrument. The original "Factory" 32 Key is still offered, of course, and all the parameters within Analog Factory
can be accessed from these 3 instruments.
It is great news that Arturia, who have been a stalwart of soft synths for more than ten years, are now pushing headlong into
the hardware arena, now teaming up with Akai to produce a combo pack with an Electronic
Wind Instrument and the groundbreaking Brass software.
When I asked Seann from Arturia why they weren't putting out integrated versions of Analog Factory ie: No computer required, he replied that the TAE (True Analog Emulation) algorithms would require the same processing power from the Origin mothership, which would be cost prohibitive for many users.
The final big news is that the behemoth Origin Keyboard will be shipping in March, with ribbon controller and gorgeous case, with
polyphonic aftertouch on the keyboard.

Of course, for my space and my budget, I'm thrilled with the Origin desktop version, thank you very much.
Finally, Arturia announced the 1.1 update to the Origin software, which is free to all Origin owners.
It's amazing to own a piece of hardware that can evolve as time goes by. I'll keep you posted as I dig in deeper.

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