Thursday, October 1, 2009

World of Arturia-New Robbie Ryan

This is my latest vid, and please be aware it was designed for a very technical (and French-speaking) audience.

Quick terms:
Analogue Modeling: Using modern DSP chips to emulate the sound of 1970s/80s analogue music equipment
CPU: The "Brain" of the computer, including the one you're currently using.
Software Synthesizers: Computer programmes that provide very accurate facsimiles of the heavy, cumbersome synthesizers you see in the film.

Fast French:
Je t'aime beacoup: I Love You Very Much
Bon Anniversaire: Happy Birthday

The term "Grandest" in the vid is mostly referring to the large size and heavy weight of the instruments themselves, especially that beastly ARP Omni. That's really me struggling!

T-shirt spotting: "Save Alan Wilder" Alan Wilder was the main keyboardist in Depeche Mode from 1983-1995, arguably the best point in their career.

The other t-shirts you see are pictures of old analogue synthesizers.

I Love Analogue Blog.

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