Wednesday, September 30, 2009

JoMoX Sunsyn for Sale!

One of the great unsung heros of the analogue polysynth world is the classic, limited
edition JoMoX Sunsyn. While I've never seen or played one, its reputation precedes it,
with users as diverse as Hans Zimmer and Nine Inch Nails.

Its creator, Jurgen Michaelis, founder of JoMoX, is a friend of the blog and an
innovator in the world of true analogue instruments.

The reason I'm posting all this is because one of the limited edition Sunsyns has come up
for sale recently, and if you can afford it, you should pick it up.

The price is $4500 US, and the seller's name is Damon Menne.
As you can see, this one has been rackmounted, but he is also offering the wooden end cheeks
that have been stored safely since this item was purchased.

For additional questions about this item, or to purchase it, email damon.
Be aware that I'm not selling this, nor has its owner, Damon, offered anything monetary
to this blog. Also, Robbie Ryan and ILAB cannot be responsible for anything regarding
transactions, communications, purchases, or implied quality of the item.

The reason I posted it here is because I'm a fan of JoMoX and the Sunsyn, and these
very rarely come up for sale.
For more information about the Sunsyn, please follow this link
to the Vintage Synth directory.

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