Friday, July 31, 2009

Roland Juno Update 31 July 2009

Today is the last day of the Roland How Do You Juno? Contest.
I've been posting about this for several months, and this will be my final post
regarding the subject:

Current Top 5
Rank User Name Title
1 JunoMania This Is How I Juno
2 NOlivarria This Is How I Juno!! Using the Sequencing Template 002!!!
3 rootsguy Mark St. John "This is How I Juno"
4 burblebeep This is how I JUNO
5 loneraver2 This is How I Juno (with the Roland Alpha Juno 2) [reduced for contest edit]

At this point, I see no chance of coming into the Top 3 of this contest, which I think is
a bit strange, considering I was a front runner in this competition for a good while and I
have a very high number of views.

At this point, it would take a miracle to win the contest, but I believe most definitely in miracles.

Miracles brought us drum machines like the TR-505, 808, and 909.

If you're reading this on 31 July, 2009, and you'd like to Vote, by all means do:
The video is called "Hey Juno" and you can vote for it right here.
It's been a blast, and I wish all the competitors the best.

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