Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Juno Update 28 July 2009

The deadline for the Roland "How Do You Juno?"
Contest is 31 July.
Here are the current finalists.

Rank User Name Title
1 NOlivarria This Is How I Juno!! Using the Sequencing Template 002!!!
2 JunoMania This Is How I Juno
3 rootsguy Mark St. John "This is How I Juno"
4 burblebeep This is how I JUNO
5 loneraver2 This is How I Juno (with the Roland Alpha Juno 2) [reduced for contest edit]

It's not too late to bring "Hey, Juno" into that coveted Top 3 slot!

Please vote at the link below:
Roland Juno Contest

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