Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Updates: Ben and Jerry's Kung Fu Girls Club Free Shipping, Homemade Hits

Just a few quick updates...
The Ben and Jerry's Contest is still going strong, and you can
vote for my video at any time, each day until 2 September. My video, It
Was 30 Years Ago Today,
is the very first video on the site, and you
can vote with up to 5 Cones!

Here's The Link!
Click on "Vote Now" and Vote for Me!

Cafe Press is doing a back to school special on their merchandise,
and they are offering free shipping. If you'd like to pick up any Kung
Fu Girls Club
branded merchandise for the school year, now is the time
to do it!

Kung Fu Girls Club Store @ CafePress.

And, one final note. I was recently interviewed by the Homemade Hit Show for
my production and performance of "Summer in NYC." You can download the podcast
and see the video here.

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