Monday, August 18, 2008

Ice Cream Music Needs Your Vote!

Recently I wrote a song and submitted a video for the US (Vermont) based ice cream company
Ben and Jerry's.

They liked it quite a bit, and since then my song and video have made it to the top ten

The company would like to send me and my beautiful wife to Vermont in about six weeks to
enjoy their birthday celebration, as long as my video has a high number of votes.

That's where you come is a link to vote on the video.
Click on the "See The Videos Icon" to see all the videos.

Mine is the first one.
Just click on the appropriate number of ice cream cones. 5 would be super.

Vote For Robbie's Video Now!

The title of mine is "It was 30 Years Ago Today..." If you'd like to watch it, feel free,
but make sure if you do that you vote for it, as this trip will be a very nice gift to my
wife, paid for by my creative blood, sweat, and tears.

If you have trouble viewing the video, here is a link to watch it on YouTube, but it's very
important that you follow the link above so that your vote will count, and believe me, it will!


Robbie Ryan

PS: Here's the voting link again. Feel free to forward this around. This is a good cause
and will bring you amazing karma!

Vote For Robbie's Video Now!

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