Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Korg Controllers, But Not For Me. (Sorry!)

Recently Sonic State reviewed a handful of new, lightweight controllers from Korg.
I'll admit, my first keyboard was a Korg M1 and I've always favored the Korg keyboard feel over that of Roland or Yamaha.
This may amuse you, but I hate Yamaha keyboards, synths, everything. I hate the DX7, the KX88. Everything. I don't like anything
Roland has manufactured since 1995. I found it humorous, then, when I opened up my old Korg M1 to change the battery to reveal that the keyboard
section was wholly manufactured by Yamaha! LOL! So here's these new controllers. They're all cheap. I don't think any of them will be over US$75 when they
come out in the fall, and their design matches the white plastic Apple look so well. The only problem is that the only ports on there,
as I feared, are USB, and I'm strictly a MIDI kind of girl, and my deliberatley retro setup has no such configuration. It's probably
a sign of the times, but my current controller, a Korg K25(named Kevin, incidentally) has both MIDI and USB. They're still neat. Check out the video.

And if you're watching, Korg UK, I'm still pissed about the Kaossilator not having a MIDI in. Cheers! :)

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