Monday, February 25, 2008

This Mixer is Unsexy But Great!

In probably what will be the non-sexiest addition to Photobucket's studiois the hopelessy useful Behringer MicroMixer. It's 4 line inputs with adjustable volume control, leading to one mono line output. It plugs right into your existing mixer. Since there aren't individual effects sends, I use this for my Romplers and my VA Synth (Korg M1Rex, Roland JV880, MicroKorg.)That way, if I need to add any effects they would probably be a holistic blend.I was amazed by the lack of noise on this little piece, and while the color I got was silver (not white) it actually matches my setup better. There was hardly any noise at all. I got it from SameDay music. They were great. Very efficient. You should check this out if your outputs have exceeded your inputs and you're not ready to drop more cash for a bigger mixer.
Same Day Music>

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