Sunday, February 24, 2008

Behind The Scenes of KanYe's Latest HIt!

I'll be honest. I think most music made today really sucks, but there are a handful of
artists out there that are really pushing the envelope of genre, and one of them is KanYe West, whose record "Stronger" takes the best things about hip-hop and the best things out of Electro and fuses it together to make really amazing tracks. I was blown away last week by his performance at the Grammys, with the cameo appearance by the often brilliant, often strange French Duo Daft Punk. I've included the clip below, as it gives a good insight showing KanYe and his production team putting together remixes for "Stronger." You'll notice that they are doing a lot of this with vintage samplers like the Ensoniq ASR-10. It's good to see not all hits today are just made with ProTools and crappy softsynths! Way to go, Team KanYe!

Stronger Revisited from Kanye West on Vimeo.


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