Saturday, February 27, 2010

Secret Life of The DSI Mopho

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When I was checking out Sound on Sound for a review of the DSI Mopho, there was a rumour that the "working title" of the instrument was actually Pro One II. As any fan of analogue will tell you, this makes perfect sense, as the previous instrument was called a Prophet 08, in reference or deference to the original Prophet 5, one of the all time classic synths. So, I emailed DSI and asked if this was true. If, in fact, the motherboard of the Mopho had "Pro One II" emblazoned on it. I got a response through email from none other than Dave Smith himself, who said: "Go ahead, Robbie! Open it up, find out for yourself." So, with that, I took my screwdriver and opened up the little yellow box, to find...the truth, as you can see above. Which begs the question, what was the working title for the Tetr4, the 6-Track II? IMHO, Mopho was a better name, as it is a unique instrument, but dang if this isn't interesting.


William said...

I love my little Mopho! Considering all that's inside that little yellow box, it's a great deal!

Anonymous said...

it seems dave smith likes to place secrets on his pc boards - on the pro one pc board, there is a silk screened image of shiva the hindu god, i believe between sustain and release of the vca pots, a soldered image of some mushroom and plant life, as well as soldered characters making up a Tibetan mantra.