Sunday, February 21, 2010

New JoMoX Mbrane Drum Module, plus Xtended Interview!

I make no secret of my love for all things JoMoX.
When the new Mbrane 11
was announced at this year's NAMM show I was totally pumped.
I'm even more excited now that Big City Music posted a rad video of Juergen Michaelis
demoing the Mbrane.
I know the dude invented it, but damn if he isn't crazy fast on those knobs.
I can't wait to pick this baby up in the spring!

And if you can't get enough JoMoX, and let's be honest, who the hell can?
Here's a couple of slick videos featuring Juergen at his home base (HBase?) in Berlin, discussing his creative process and his work.
It's in German (with subtitles) but crazy fascinating stuff!

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