Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ILAB Report: 5aaasp Analogue Synthesiser Party Austin, TX

Recently I made a pilgrimage to Austin, TX. to a party called 5aaasp, the 5th Annual Austin Analogue Synth Party.
I was very impressed with the proceedings, and everyone there was very nice, open, and passionate about electronic music and the
instruments that produce them. What I found very interesting is that the performances of the bands at the show was 180 degrees from
any electronic act that I've seen lately. No, these young people weren't "checking their email" like so many laptop artists of their
generation, these guys were actually jamming on analogue sequencers and drumboxes older than they were. In fact, one of the bands
was using a LinnDrum as its main clock source, running his analogue sequencer. Very cool and a bit refreshing.
It makes me feel guilty a bit for using MIDI and computers in the first place, as I have for so long.
Enjoy the video. There will be much more to come in the days ahead. Thanks to the team from the festival! I look forward to next year.

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