Thursday, July 16, 2009

Robbie Ryan and Juno Need Your Help ASAP!

As many of you know, Roland
is offering (3) Juno Stage Synthesisers to the top 3 winners of their
How Do You Juno? contest. If you follow me as an artist in any regularity, you
know that I was Johnny on the spot when this contest was first announced and uploaded
my mini-masterpiece just 3 days after.

Unfortunately, as of 16 July 2009, even after more than 2,300 views on Youtube
Hey Juno is not in the coveted Top 3 or Top 5, as you can see below:

Current Top 5

1 burblebeep This is how I JUNO
2 NOlivarria This Is How I Juno!! Using the Sequencing Template 002!!!
3 rootsguy Mark St. John "This is How I Juno"
4 GreenTwilight How do you Juno? - Matt Semarge
5 JunoMania This Is How I Juno

The more votes the better, and we have until 31 July. I really need your help, and
if you can spread the word, that would be AWESOME!
Here's The Link!
The I Love Analogue Blog

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