Friday, June 5, 2009

Tom Oberheim and The New SEM

So, Tom Oberheim, aka THE Tom Oberheim has unveiled his new
plan to release a new MIDI-fied version of his groundbreaking Synthesizer
Expansion Module (SEM)
which is super cool, as the prices of the original
SEM have gone through the roof on eBay, etc. This new one looks
to exactly replicate the original with improved knobs, MIDI, etc.
Which is cool, as so much Oberheim technology is starting to fail these days,
not so much to design or engineering flaws, but mostly to age.
This will be cool, for sure, as the only other way that you've been able to get
this sound is through modules like the Semblance.
This is the real deal, and for under $1,000 US,
lots of folks will be jonesed about this.
Oberheim was part of my monosynth poll, so the big question is:
Are you one of those folks?

Look on, friends, and enjoy!

Tom Oberheim and the new SEM from stretta on Vimeo.

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