Friday, June 12, 2009

See The Virus in the new Transformers Video with Linkin Park!

The next Transformers flick is likely to be a scorcher, with
surveys indicating that well over 85% of the coveted 18-35 year old
demographic indicating that they intend to see the flick in opening
weekend. I just caught the video for Linkin Park's new track,
which may or may not be featured in the new movie, as was the case
with the excellent Mute Math track from the 2007 original.

What's cool about this video is that in addition to morphing performance
footage from the band, as well as lots of Michael BayRoboporn.
It also includes something that I rarely see in rock videos, at least not
many since the 1980s which are: prominently featured synthesizers. In this
case, the beautiful Access Virus TI Synthesizer.

I hope that this will inspire kids that there's more to rock 'n roll than
guitars and drums, and perhaps we'll see a renaissance of new artists
embracing hardware synthesizers going forward.
Linkin Park – “New Divide”

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