Friday, May 1, 2009

Drum Machine Poll (Now With Drumtraks!)

Okay, today we're going to mix things up. I've posted a poll to the
right for your favourite 80s PCM drum machine. For the uninitiated, these
are drum machines that use "real" sounds in order to make drum tracks,
as opposed to synthetic methods. I've compiled a short list of some popular
ones, along with some tracks you can listen to to compare. Vote for your
favourite to the right and encourage your friends to do so, as well!

1. Roland TR-505, as heard in "A Little Respect" by Erasure.

2. Linn Electronics LinnDrum, as heard in "She Drives Me Crazy" by
Fine Young Cannibals.

3. Oberheim DMX*, as heard in "Blue Monday" by New Order.**

4. E-Mu Electronics Drumulator, as heard in "Everything Counts" by
Depeche Mode.

5. I'm so damn star-struck after talking with Dave Smith today, I had to also include the Sequential Circuits DrumTraks in the list, as well.

Next week we'll delve into the Analogue Drum Machines of the 1980s!

*The rapper/actor of the same name once owned one of these.

**Those Shorts!?!

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