Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dancing With The Stars vs. Musicians

I don't watch Dancing With The Stars. My wife does. I love
my wife. So sometimes I'll watch Dancing With The Stars.
The show has an extremely goofy premise, and the fact that I really
have to stretch with most of the "celebrities" that are featured on
there is a challenge to my astute pop culture skills. What I do think
that the show does extremely well is to showcase the skill of real
life proffesional dancers. Dancing is probably the most challenging
of all performance arts, since you have to use movement, precision,
timing, physical stamina, and you have to look great while doing it
and making it appear effortless. My biggest gripe about the show is that
the music seems to always take a backseat to the amazing dancing. My case
in point, I watched Demi Lovato

recently on the show. Now, bless the
little girl's heart. She's got no stage presence, she's got no personality,
and her songs are vacuous. But she's 12. I mean, c'mon. They stick someone
like that against these amazing dancers and they'res not a whole lot for them
to do. I watched the annoying, unmemorable Robin Thicke

on the show
the other night, and he shuffled a little bit in time with his backup singers,
but the dancers upstaged them AGAIN. You don't see comedians jumping up in front
of musical guests on Saturday Night Live and telling jokes, do you? I mean,
even the freaking Pet Shop Boys playing "West End Girls" looked lame, and
this is my favourite band we're talking about. I've seen them play that live a dozen
times and it KILLS. Why can't music on all live TV just rock? After all, you can't
really dance without it. Please let me know what you think about this.

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