Friday, September 5, 2008

Free Stuff and Vision

There was a funny article yesterday in USA Today that featured my dear, sweet, little sister on the streets of New York City, getting upscale furniture and appliances for nothing. You can read the article here. She's pretty savvy about all this, and she chronicles it in her blog, No Trust Fund.

Since I'm a blood relative and have no trust find either, I can tell you that this sort of cheapness does run in our family. I have attended more than my share of "Kids Eat Free" nights at local eateries, and am a huge fan of free refills at places like Chick Fil-A, who also host days like "Dress Like A Cow" for free combos or "Wear Your Favorite Sports Team Jersey" for free Chicken strips. I drew a University of North Texas logo on construction paper and taped it onto my shirt in order to obtain those vittles.

I also have a collection of decades-old Apple computers, which I still use very regularly. My free T-shirt supply is enormous, and I have to actually rotate shirts out because I have too many.

But, I'm bragging, ranting, or whatever. I'll just sit back with my buy one get one free ice cream and taco coupons and call it a day.

And if you're looking for a good use for old Macs, there just so happens to be an article in Mix about the software that I use and its legacy. It was even inducted
into the Music Technology Hall of Fame. You can read more about Opcode Studio Vision by clicking here.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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