Friday, June 13, 2008

A Price Evolution

I recently saw a post at Dave Smith Instruments
that they were upping the price of the Evolver Desktop by $50. The first thing I thought was,
"Dag, I really should have bought one of these a year ago!" but then my next thought was: "Bravo!"
Let's be honest, without Dave Smith and Co., electronic music could still be in the dark ages. With MIDI
and programmability, we've had a host of new options in the 30 years since the Prophet 5 and Pro-One
were created. By upping his price by $50, not by greed but to cover the rising costs of production, Dave Smith
has effectively asked people to purchase what they use at a fair price. This is already a popular item, but there
is no reason that it needs to be sold as a loss-leader. Believe me, it would be much cheaper for these companies to
produce RomPlers by the shedload or distribute web-only softsynths. Or, worse, we would have to pay top dollar on eBay
to buy 30 year old synths of questionable serviceability to get that sound that we get from discreet electronics and
high quality filters. So, please, instead of bitching about the price increase, please think about what you're getting for
this small investment: a fat, delicious synth.

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