Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let Me Make an Analogue Album for You!

Have you ever wanted your own album, with all songs based on You and your life, one that you could listen to endless repeat in the car, at home, the office, or the gym?
Well, let me tell you: I can make that album happen.
All I need from you is a small piece of equipment in order to do it.

This right here is the Prophet 08 sound module from Dave Smith Instruments.
Prophet 08 Module

It is a fully analogue polyphonic synth, and it is great. You can see it's big brother in action below and see for yourself.

If I were to make your dream album for you, I would be able to fill it with gorgeous pads, stinging leads, and amazing analogue step sequences derived from this beautiful beast as well as my small studio of devices that I currently use.

All the songs, once again, would be about You
They would embody, your hopes, dreams, and your life.

Every song would be in essence, your song, and you could play it endlessly on your computer, iPod or have the songs on your Myspace page.

You would also be given the rights, by me, to use in any commercials, TV or film projects.

When you are ready to move forward, purchase the item either from
Dave Smith Instruments
or one of the following fine retailers:
Analogue Haven
Big City Music

Once you have purchased the item, contact me at I Love Analogue with pertinent information about your life, and to get my shipping address.

Please give me (1) month to develop, arrange, and record your (10) songs. I have 2 kids, a wife and a day job, so it will take about (1) month.

After that, provide me with your shipping address and I will send you (2) CDRs with the songs about YOU and YOUR LIFE, as well as a DVD-R containing the 10 tracks in 16 bit 44khz .wav and .aiff files, as well as high quality MP3s with album artwork that you can put on your own site or through iTunes.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am only doing it for one person, so please contact me immediately to make this happen!

You might even get a cameo from Ms. Piper (pictured.)


Robbie Ryan
aka Iloveanalogue.

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