Monday, October 11, 2010

Moog SlimPhatty Picture-Leaked

Originally uploaded by I Love Analogue Blog
I Love Analogue Synthesisers. That's the whole reason that this blog, or even its author, exists. As much as I love Moog, I've been waiting for the perfect product that I could integrate with my synthesiser setup. Could it be the SlimPhatty? I had heard the NAME of this synth a few weeks back, but this ad from AMS means that it might actually be REAL, and coming before Christmas. Very exciting, and I hope there is more (official) information posted from Moog and others. It's funny that they're releasing the Minimoog XL, which is a monster, and this one, the smallest and most affordable in the current line, in the same year. Regardless, I'm excited and interested about this new device.

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