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Division of Beat Performance Review-1994

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The Party

The party was infinitely cool. I left my hotel at about 6:15 and decided to risk the Central Expressway. I survived and found myself at the Lizard Lounge at 6:40. Around 7:15, Pop Culture and friends pulled up next to me, so I decided to follow them in. I wandered in and met a few people, all the while scanning to find ::TheCat::. For those of you who have not yet met ::TheCat::, I suggest you start looking into getting plane tickets to Houston. Jeri is a really terrific person to talk with and know. It was worth the whole drive just to meet her. Jeri mingled, awarded prizes, took pictures, handed out CDs, and more.
I was also lucky enough to meet several other band people. What amazed me was how honestly friendly everyone was. By "honestly" I mean they weren't trying to fake being nice for the party. They were all very interested in everyone they met, and they all thanked me when I asked for their autographs. Robbie Ryan and Rimas Campe were especially friendly. Eric Holt recognized my name (Wow!) and several other people knew me as "the Delphi guy". It is true what everyone says about Dania being amazingly happy. She really radiates it too.
Everyone listened with much interest to the CD; Special Editions were open everywhere with people reading bios as the songs were played. I have to admit that I was a little surprised. Everyone looked and acted just like ordinary people, yet they posses tremendous musical ability.
I thoroughly enjoyed the performance by Division of Beat. These guys have a very impressive sound with a show to match. They put a great deal of energy into their performance, including Robbie Ryan literally jumping up and down in front of his keyboards. At times it was difficult to see Cleve from where I was positioned in the crowd, but from the way he looked after the set, I am certain he had energy to match Robbie’s. It was a really great show from a really great band. Later, Rimas Campe treated us to the newest Total Devotion video, Telepathy. Rimas is an exceedingly talented video producer, and everyone loved his work.
Around 11:30, people started to go their separate ways.

“Thanks, Nick for that great review!”
-20 Year Old Robbie Ryan

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canman said...

This Band exemplified the mood in the 90's and they rocked the house! When is the reunion?