Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Doepfer Mini-Doc reveals the history of nu-Modular synths.

Dieter Doepfer of Munich, Germany, is a designer and manufacturer of beautiful modular analogue synthesizers and is a hero to this blog.

In this brief documentary, he outlines why his synthesizers are silver, the impact of the 303 clone the MS404 and his relationship with Kraftwerk.

Doepfer Sneak Peek from niamhguckian on Vimeo.

I guess I'm a little bit on the fence here. I absolutely would love to pick up the MAQ analogue sequencer

or the new mini-modular Dark Energy (which is, coincidentally, black!)

but I want to do it all within the parameters of digital
technology, i.e. the software sequencer from the 90s that I use. I find it comical that in the 80s so much work was put into developing modular synths in Germany and then, of course, everybody wanted a f**ing DX7.

Electronic music history is not without its little ironies.

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