Thursday, September 17, 2009

Arturia Celebrate 10 Years With A Beautiful Hardware Synth

I've been working on a for French synthmaker
Arturia so I've had analogue modelling on the brain.

They're celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary, which is great news for any small
business, especially in the world of electronic music.

I won't be able to premiere my video for Arturia on this blog but there is a wonderful review of their first hardware synth, The Origin from our friends at Sonic State.

The Origin would be a fabulous addition to any hardware based studio as
it runs all the computer processing onboard without the need of a fast PC.
The flexibility it offers, with the ability to match up different synths and filters,
etc (all in software) is damn amazing.
I'm looking forward to Arturia's next 10 years, indeed.

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