Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Lucky Number is Always 13

Since I started I Love Analogue and producing my own "Robbie Ryan" videos, I have gotten a wonderful response from around the world, from friends, family, musos, and straight up normal folks. Up until today, my most famous video
was a remix of Ricky Gervais' whipping boy Karl Pilkington "raving" about how he could "Eat a Knob At Night." The video features me looping, editing, and stuttering Pilkington, as well as filtering loops and drums.
Here it is:

This spring, when I took the call for the Roland Juno contest, I got the word
out in a big way. I've gotten great response from around the world, and as of this writing, my video for "Hey Juno" is only 13 views behind Karl Pilkington.
I thank everyone for their support, and if you've not seen "Hey Juno" yet,
Wait no longer.

If you're reading this prior to 31 July 2009, there is still an opportunity for you to vote for my video and the other finalists in Roland's "How Do You Juno?"

Click here and rock out!
Many thanks...Robbie Ryan

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