Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New MonoSynth Poll!

Another week has begun, and so has a new survey. Last week's PCM
drum machine poll was a huge success, with the winner being The

We had a random drawing of all the voters, and it turns out that Roger Linn,

inventor of the LinnDrum will now get his very own...Linndrum. Please
join me in congratulating Mr. Linn.

So, that brings me to this week's poll. I've been so excited and jonesed about my
new Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

that I haven't been able to stop playing with it. In fact, I did a track over the
weekend using ONLY the Mopho and a couple of drum machines. It's a very
versatile synth.

So this week's poll will be a little bit different, and it will be who is the best

So you'll be voting for cats like Bob Moog,

who not only made the Minimoog, but also the Moog Source

and Little Phatty,

all great monosynths in their own

Of course, Dave Smith

is also on the poll, not only for the Mopho,

but also for the Sequential Circuits Pro One

and the DSI Evolver monosynths.

Alan Ron Pearlman comes to mind with the Arp Odyssey,


and 2600.

And we can't forget Tom Oberheim

and his SEM modules which were huge for fatness:

While Dieter Doepfer is known mostly for modules, there's also great little monosynths he's
produced like his forthcoming Dark Energy and his classic MS-404, a rack-mount 303

And just because I love weird synths, I also threw in the EDP Wasp. This little synth
was used by many early 80s synthpoppers, including Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics.

There's also legit manufacturers here, from Novation, whose Bassstation synths brought
affordable analogue back in the early 90s,

to blue chip Japanese manufacturers like Roland who brought us the SH-101 and TB-303

My favorite all time monosynths, prior to my Mopho are the Korg MS Series.
In fact, when I had my M1 back in the Diz, the Ms10 and Ms20 simulations
were the only cool sounds that were on there, and in fact, still are.

So cast your vote now, who knows, you might win your very own monosynth from the I Love Analogue Blog,
but don't hold your breath, unless one of you manufacturers that I just mentioned wants to throw one in?

Have a great week, everyone!
-Robbie Ryan

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