Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Thief At RobotSpeak!

It seems someone, and I don't know who (it wasn't me) has stolen a brand spankin' new Dave Smith Mopho from local (San Fran) music store Robotspeak. Now, may I ask the perpetrator..."The F**k are you thinking man?!" This is a small, independent company, and a small independent music store. This is also a music store and a company that gave a great, free clinic about this synthesizer, which is probably THE electronic instrument of 2008. I enjoyed the podcast. What you are doing is sending out a message that YOU DON'T CARE about other people's losses. You're probably the same A**hole that steals softsynths and downloads pirated movies and music. Are you planning on making music on this thing? Well, Good! I hope your music sucks d**k, you thieving piece of S**t! Kids read my blog, so I'm being cool today, but if I ever catch you on the street, with your 80s mohawk, long black trenchcoat and Bauhaus glasses, I will beat the everloving S**t out of you. Are times tough? Yeah, Hell yeah, they're tough. Is the music industry in the doldrums. Sure. It's in the doldrums. Should we take it out on independent retailers and manufacturers of fine electronic instruments. NO GODDAMMIT, WE SHOULDN'T! Pardon my French, Pierre. Do I want a Dave Smith Mopho? Of course I do. I want that more than anything. I can't wait to replace my old analogue synths with a new analogue synth. Am I going to F**KING steal one?! No! And you shouldn't either. Do the right thing, man. Bring it back. Robotspeak Will forgive you. Don't expect me to do the same.

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