Friday, August 8, 2008

808.08 Get Lucky!

Right now it is 8.08.08. It is a date long prophesized in electronic music
ever since Graham Massey and his ilk, 808 State had a song on their album
"90" called...check it. "80808." It's lucky numbers for some. My wife, for example, always
makes a wish at 8:08 on the clock whenever she's paying attention. For electronic music people,
though, 808 will ALWAYS be a sacred number, as that is the name of the programmable analogue
computer controlled rhythm composer (drum machine for all you non-geeks) that more or less revolutionized
not just electronic music but music in general. It's gorgeous, juicy kick, thwacky snare drum, cheesy organ-sounding percussion, heavenly
handclap, and tinkly cowbell have made it a staple of tracks in every genre for nearly 30 years. Here's some video
so you can oooh and aaah if you know about it, and contemplate why you don't if you don't.

I hope all of you have a truly lucky day, because so far mine has been shite.

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