Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tour of Hans Zimmer's Studio-Not Very Informative, but Fun! Yay!

This is possibly the most random video ever, but it's great. It's a tour of Hans Zimmer's
studio, as seen through the eyes of Franka Potente and John Carpenter. Completely
weird, and it's also really fuzzy quality with French subtitles. You also get a little bit of Germinglish
with the great Klaus Badelt, the guy who scored Equlibrium.
Anyway, enjoy.

Hans Zimmer is so consistient, and I consider him the Stephen Spielberg of modern film composers,
although the latter has never scored for the former, due to a strong relationship with John Williams.
So then you're like "What the Hell?" That's why. Snoogs.
I saw "The Dark Knight" over the weekend and did not really notice the score, written by Zims until about halfway through
the second act. And that's really the point, isn't it? You shouldn't really hear the score in a movie unless it is a major theme,
or the opening or closing credits, or unless the movie really sucks ass. The score should really be subtextual and a part of the piece
as a whole. I was jonesing hard for the raw analogue step sequences Zims rolled in during an extensive sequence in Gotham Jail. (Was it his famed Jomox Sunsyn, perhaps?
Other than that, I didn't notice the score. But, I really like what Hans Zimmer does, both as a composer, and producer
of scores and a mentor who has given, well, scores of people their break. And he loves analogue and German-made shit, too. After
all, he is German! What a revelation. I'm going to stop now, but will post more rants soon. If anyone cares.

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