Monday, July 7, 2008

Synthesizer Crack Rock

Over the weekend I put together a little video for the European boutique analogue-maker
Jomox. So far, it's gotten a great response within the
Jomox community, which, of course, I wrote it for, but it's a fun little piece for
everyone else, so if you like to jam, please enjoy!

Also, I switched computers in my studio, so I was able to free up a bunch of space on and below
my desktop, which now leaves two gaping holes...what am I going to put there? A Machinedrum?
A Dave Smith Prophet 08 or Evolver Desktop? or a Jomox Xbase888?
Listen here to an interview with Adrian Utley from Portishead. He's got a lot
to say about modular synths and the "crack" (drug reference intended) that it creates in his life.

I personally have and continue to suffer this same problem. Cute baby, though! Cheers!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Go for the JoMoX. The P08 is not as solid as you would hope. I am slowly combing through the P08 here: reviews Prophet 08"

The evolver, from my tests, is a junky version of the P08. DSI needs to step it up a lot.