Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A True Prophet Returns...

The Prophet '08 from Dave Smith Instruments is indeed
a formidable beast, an absolutely brilliant looking and sounding instrument.
Although it's a little bit ProgRock for my tastes, it's a wonderful piece
of new technology, a solid instrument with a fully analogue sound generation chain.
There's been a lot of hum and buzz and whatever on the internet since this beast
was announced, but now there is finally a well-put together review, thanks to
William H
and his friends at Sonic State. The link for the file is
a little bit obscured from the site, so I'll put it here for your viewing pleasure.
The production value and information presentation is great, for all of us sick
of looking at the amateur stuff that appears on YouTube. I'll post Part II as
soon as it is online.

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