Monday, April 7, 2008

My Lifelong Love of Remixes

I remember when I was a youth and I used to buy records and then buy the 12" version so that
I could get the remix of it. I liked the fact that some remixes were done for radio and
some for dance clubs, but I enjoyed them because of the creative license that other artists took.
I still remember tracks from Echo and The Bunnymen and The Jesus and Mary Chain that took
on a whole new form whenever I got the 12" versions. Once I got into New Order and Depeche Mode,
remixes took on a whole new flavor, and were worth purchasing because they were almost new songs!
Pet Shop Boys took a whole new spin on this, by releasing two and three disc versions of
their singles, which many people, myself included, purchased. It seems remixes are a lost art these days, with most people sampling a hook and recycling it over
some totally different track that has no relationship with the original. I did hear a remix of Röyksopp's
"Remind Me" that changed all that. Welcome back, Remix, I missed ya!

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