Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Korg Make Almost The Perfect Synth...

So I've been a Korg customer since 1989, when I first got the M1. They really make some amazing instruments. I now proudly own a microKorg, an M1Rex, and a K25 controller keyboard. The really big news came from at Musicmesse, where they debuted a soft synth version of the MS10 that is based on the hardware architecture of the measley Nintendo DS. The little synth, dubbed the DS10, is a pretty rippin' little monosynth with a built in drum machine and step style sequencer.

Big Question...why doesn't Roland do anything like this?

This little baby, along with the recently announced Kaossialltor, are signs that Korg are moving forward to a true everyman's music making.

Nintendo have already moved forward in this arena. I believe there was a hack for the Gameboy that had a little monosynth/sequencer combo. Not sure.

Now the perfect Korg synth would be a little handheld, self contained analogue modelling hardware synth with a built in Kaoss pad, drum sounds (multitimbral, please.) And there would need to be a MIDI in. Please, just a MIDI in.

Long Live Korg!

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